NC 1-Axis LM5 5030/5025 Centerless Grinder

Range of Dia to be Grind 2 to 150mm
Max. Length in-feed grinding 298mm / 248mm
Grinding wheel Size 500x300x304.8 / 500x250x304.8 mm
Regulating wheel Size 350x300x152.4 / 350x250x152.4 mm
Grinding wheel Motor Power 20HP Motor/ 15KW
Regulating Wheel Motor 3Hp /2.2kW GW Slide Servo 2KW
GW Dressing Gear Motor 0.040 KW RW Dressing Gear Motor 0.040 KW
Lubrication Motor 0.25hp/ 0.18kw
Coolant Pump 0.5 Hp /0.375 KW
Magnetic Coolant Filter M 0.25 HP/ 0.187 KW
Machine Dimension LxWxH 2800x1700x1800
Machine net Weight 5000kg Aprox

Standards Accessories

Grinding wheel, Regulating wheel, Wheel Flange, Coolant pump, Magnetic Filter with Tank, HMI, PLC, Switch Gear, Push button, Penal Board with Ele fittings, Grinding wheel Motor, Regulating wheel motor, Servo Motor, Lubrication Motor ,Pulleys , V belt, VFD fitting in regulating Wheel Head., Through feed & In feed Blade etc.

Extra Accessories

Auto Spindle Wheel Balancing arrangement, Wheel Balancing external portable arrangement, Extra Grinding Wheel Flange, Extra Throofeed Blade, VFD in grinding wheel head, Paper band Filter, Machine Lamp, D.R.O. Scale, Auto Loading / Unloading/ Feeder/ Vibrator / Job injector, Wood Box packing etc..

Machine Description

LM5 Meet The Criteria For High Productivity Centerless grinding , the Machine is suitable for both in-feed and Thru-Feed Grinding of small to big size part. The large Wheel Size of OD500mm With Improves the Cycle Time

Super rigid structure, stable without deformation. Double support grinding wheel spindle design features high speed operation to boost grinding performance. customized Fitted with wider wheel, suitable for efficient mass production.

Grinding Wheel Head

Grinding wheel driven by V belt drive and Twin support cartridge preload precision bearing spindle for achieve good surface finish and hi radial accuracy , Twin support spindle give hi rigidity in machine also increase load caring capacity of machine

Regulating wheel Head

Regulating wheel control by direct couple gear box with A/c variable speed control drive and Twin support cartridge preload precision bearing spindle for achieve best grinding performance and hi radial accuracy for every size of jobs

regulating wheel head have adjustable inclination angle and swivel angle for adjust job feeding rate and Grinding cutting position

Main Slide

Both head have individual slide movement for get hi rigidity and best grinding performance

The One '' v'' & One flat feeding slide design reinforce the feeding stability in both Slide. The Entire feeding slide tersite coating and hand scrapped to reduce frication and to increase accuracy of slide movement

Both slide and Both Ball screw nut have central Automatic Lubrication system for smooth sliding

Lubrication system have Low Oil level and low Oil presser indication on Hmi Grinding wheel head slide control by Ball screw and nut, servo motor, Servo planetary gearbox, HMI, PLC and MPG for accurately traveling

Heavy duty and high weight slide move with Smooth and accurate traveling in low power consumption is possible by Servo Planetary Gearbox

MPG give hi accurate and fast offset setting for grinding setup

Also give selecting Accurate feeding Pulse in 1micron, 10micron, 100micron

Auto infeed grinding cycle possible with adjustable Rapid stock, cutting feed and spark out, return cycle timing, lubrication timing

Regulating Wheel Main Slide Manual Hand operated

Dressing Slide

Both Dressing slide Control by Gear Motor with A/c Variable speed control drive, LM Guide way and ball screw to get fine feeding and long life dressing for good ra value in jobs

Both Dressing Slide have Spring Loaded Pilot operated Temples dressing And eccentric back laver arrangement

which can give accurate straightness in grinding wheel and Regulating wheel

Regulating wheel dressing slide have truing( swivel) angle and taper( inclination) angle

Regulating wheel Dressing Slide diamond holder have offset Arrangement which can use for increase griping line to achieve good roundness, straightness and increase load caring capacity for long jobs

Blade Rest

Blade Rest is resting on individual platform, There is no connection of Both slide, it have adjustable swivel angle

Coolant System

Machine Have Aprox 300L Coolant tank , coolant tank have 6 partition for separate dust in coolant , Coolant tank have 100L Magnetic Coolant Filter for remove magnetic particles

Tank have 0.5hp pump Which can give 175L displacement of coolant Both dressing and Grinding wheel Have individual Solenoid valve to operate coolant directly form HMI


Machine have inbuilt universal loading-Un Loading arrangement for both spindle to change wheel

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