Laxman Machine Tools History

Incepted in 1983, we have consistently progressed and upgraded the rage and quality of our products depending on the need of our customers. We are customer oriented company and believe in offering maximum customer satisfaction laying complete focus on quality, innovations, timely deliveries, competitive pricing, customization and effective after sales services.

Year 1984

Laxman Machine Tools started in 1500SQF

Introduce Manual Centerles Grinder Model LM1

Year 1986

Introduce Manual Center less Lm2

Introduce Hydraulic Center less LM3/ LM4

Introduce Internal Grinding Machine (ID, Bore Grinding )

Year 1990

Introduce Manual Cylindrical Grinder

& Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinder up to 600mm

Year 1994

Acquire Land 7000 SQF Build Shed 2000 SQF

Introduce Textile SPM Grinding Machine Like Ball Point Grinner

Year 1996

Introduce SPM Spherical roller Grinder

Year 2000

Start Manufacture Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw 170mm Use old Experience working as partner in (Original) Mistri Laxman kadava & sons form 1960 ( Brand Name Laxsons)

Year 2004

Reconstruct Model lm2, Lm3, Lm4 & Re Construct Joint Body type Cylindrical grinder

Develop Tool & Cutter Grinding machine Model TCLM 1

Year 2008

Introduce Auto Plunge Hydraulic Cam Operated Sizer type Cylindrical Grinder Machine

Introduce Hi Speed Metal cutting bands saw machine

SPM Cutter Face Grinding Machine

Year 2012

Build Shed Store room 1800SQF, Mfg Sheet metal banding machine to reduce out sourcing and increase capacity

Introduce Auto Plunge Hydraulic Cam Operated Sizer type Centerless Grinding Machine

Introduce Fully Automatic Hy. Band saw Machine

Introduce Semi Automatic Hy. Band saw Machine

Introduce Hydrodynamic bearing type Centerless Grinding Machine

Year 2016

Purchase CNC Plasma machine for increase machine building capacity

Introduce NC 1 Axis Centerless Gridning Machine

Introduce NC 3 Axis Centeless Grinding machine

Introduce Cartridge Precision Bearing spindle type Centerless and motorized dressing

With Fully Auto Pneumatic Auto Load -Un Load System For Plunge Grinding Machine

Introduce Centerless Throo feed Pneumatic Auto Load - Un Load for Shaft

Year 2020

Build 6500 SQF Shed, Fit 8ton hoist to increase machine building Capacity

Introduce NC Twins support Centerless Grinding machine Model LM5030

Introduce NC Fully Automatic Band saw machine

Year 2022

Acquired ISO 9001 certificate

Introduce CNC 3-Axis Centerless Grinding machine


Introduce NC 2-Axis Cylindrical Grinder machine

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