Laxman Tool & Cutter Grinder Machine

High Precision Compact & Economical

Model TCLM-1 Tool & Cutter

Rigidness & versality are the main feature of our machine which is capable of re sharpening a variety of jobs running from H.S.S. to carbide tip tools and cutt ers.

Use of Machine

  • To grind side face & slitting cutter.
  • To grind helical reamer.
  • To grind hob, radius & teeth cutter.
  • To grind taps.
  • To grind woodruff-cutter.
  • To grind end mill cutter.
  • To grind taper shank drill, reamer & end mill cutter.
  • To grind carbide tip cuter & end mill-cutter. Etc…


Largest diameter of cutter than be ground 250 mm.
Maximum admit between centers 260 mm.
Maximum length of cutting edges ground 150 mm.
Grinding wheel speeds 4500 RPM.
Swing diameter and standard center 250 mm.
Working surface of table 450 x 120 mm.
Longitudinal traverse 175 mm.
Cross traverse 150 mm.

Paking & Installation Parameters

Floor area occupied 690 x430 mm.
Height of the machine 1375 mm.
Weight of the machine with standard accessories 300 kg.
Electric Motor 3 phase 0.5 H.P 2800 RPM.

Standard Equipments

Steady with centers 2 Nos.
Universal tilting head 1 Nos.
Relieving attachment 1 Nos.
Diamonds dressing stand 1 Nos.
Grinding disc wheel-dia 1 Nos.
Grinding taper cup wheel-dia 1 Nos.
Threaded mandrill with sleeve and nu 1 Nos.

Special Accessories

  • Radius grinding attachment
  • Universal machine vice
  • Machine lamp
  • Diamond wheel
  • MT 3 Taper mandrill

Tools & Cutter Grinding Machine

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