CNC 3-Axis LM3/LM4 Laxman Centerless Grinding Machine

CNC Centerless Grinding Machine
Range of Dia to be Grind 2 to 75mm
Max. Length in-feed grinding 98mm /148mm
Grinding wheel Size 350x100x127 / 350x150x127 mm
Regulating wheel Size 230x100x127 / 230x150x76.2 mm
Grinding wheel Motor Power 7.5 HP Motor/ 5.5 KW
Regulating Wheel Motor 1Hp /1.2kW With VFD Control and Gear
Box Main Slide X-Axis Servo M Servo Motor 750W With Servo Gear Box
GW Dressing Y-Axis Servo M Servo Motor 400 W
GW Dressing Z-Axis Servo M Servo Motor 400 W
RW Dressing Gear Motor 0.040 KW
Lubrication Motor 0.25Hp /0.18Kw
Coolant Pump 0.25 Hp /0.187 KW
Magnetic Coolant Filter M 0.25 HP/ 0.187 KW
Machine Dimension LxWxH 1600x1400x1550 mm
Machine net Weight 1500kg Aprox

Standards Accessories

Grinding wheel, Regulating wheel, Wheel Flange, Coolant pump, Magnetic Filter with Tank, CNC Controller, Switch Gear, Push button, Penal Board with Ele fittings, Grinding wheel Motor, Regulating wheel motor, X,Y,Z Axis Servo Motors, Lubrication Motor ,Pulleys , V belt, VFD fitting in regulating Wheel Head., Through feed & In feed Blade etc.

Extra Accessories

Wheel Balancing stand and arbor, Extra Grinding Wheel Flange, Extra Throofeed Blade, VFD in grinding wheel head, Paper band Filter, Machine Lamp, Auto Loading / Unloading/ Feeder/ Vibrator / Job injector, etc..

Machine Description

LM 3/ LM4 Meet The Criteria For High Productivity Centerless grinding , the Machine is suitable for both in-feed and Thru-Feed Grinding of small to big size part. Machine designed for take high accuracy with high load caring capacity

Grinding Wheel Head

Grinding wheel driven by V belt drive AC Motor and VFD Controlled and White Metal Hydrostatic Bush bearing spindle for achieve good surface finish and hi radial accuracy , External Pump lubrication & Oil safety Future give very good Spindle and bush life.

Regulating Wheel Head

Regulating wheel control by direct couple gear box with A/c variable speed control drive and cartridge preload precision bearing spindle for achieve best grinding performance and hi radial accuracy for every size of jobs

regulating wheel head have adjustable inclination angle and swivel angle for adjust job feeding rate and Grinding cutting position

Main Slide (X - Axis)

X-axis slide made form heavy duty cast base, Base slide have Preload Roller Type LM Guide way get hi rigidity and best grinding performance, Ground Ball screw, Servo motor Servo gear box to get high precision accuracy and controlled by CNC Controller.

This axis use for job cutting and dressing compensate purpose.,

This slide have swivel angle to adjust taper of job in Plunge grinding. Auto and Manual lubrication is available in this slide & ball screw.

Hand scrapped Upper dovetail slide design reinforce the feeding stability & rigidity in regulating wheel head. also have manual Lock Arrangement for upper slide

Both slide and Ground Ball screw nut have central Automatic Lubrication system for smooth sliding

Lubrication system have Low Oil level and low Oil presser indication on screen

Dressing Slide

Grinding Wheel Dressing (Y - Axis , Z- Axis )

Grinding wheel dressing unit made by Two Axis (Y,Z), Both Slide Servo Motor, Ball screw and LM Guide operated . It is Controlled by CNC controller , Z axis Spring loaded and template operated to get precise straightness in grinding wheel. Y Axis Taper adjustment available.GW Dressing unit angel give resistance from coolant

Regulating Wheel Dressing

RW dressing unit made by Lm guide way, ball screw and VFD operated Gear Motor to give slide reverse and forward fine movement. Depth of cut done by manual hand operated. RW dressing have template & pilot operated dressing . Regulating wheel dressing slide have truing( swivel) angle and taper( inclination) angle

Coolant System

Machine Have Aprox 75L Coolant tank , coolant tank have 4 partition for separate dust in coolant , Coolant tank have 50L Magnetic Coolant Filter (optional) for remove magnetic particles Tank have 0.25hp pump Which can give 50L displacement of coolant

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