Laxman Centerless Grinding Machine

High Precision Compact & Economical

Model LM-2 Centerless


The 'Laxman' Centreless Grinders models LM 1, LM 2,LM 3 and LM4 have been designed with the operator in mind. These are suitable for grinding work piece from 2 M.M. to 75 M.M. diameters to a very fine limits of accuracy. A wide Range of work can be ground including Plain, Cylindrical taper Shouldered Special comprise & grinding wheel, a Control wheel and a work rest. This arrangement provides a three points support. The Machines are meant for quality, quantity & efficiency.


LM-1 LM-2 LM-3 / LM-4
Range of Dia to be ground 2 to 35 M.M. 2 to 50 M.M. 2 to 75 M.M.
Max. Length of Parts for infeed grinding 62 M.M. 78 M.M. 98 M.M.
Dimension of Grinding Wheel 250 x 63.5 x 76.5 300 x 80 x 140 350 x 100 x 127 or 350 x 150 x 127
Dimension of Control Wheel 125.4 x 63.5 x 63.5 200 x 80 x 75 230 x 100 x 76.2 or 230x150x76.2
Grinding Wheel speed 2000 1800 1600
Number of Control wheel speed 3 3 Variable
Grinding wheel Motor 3 H.P./1440 R.P.M. 5 H.P./1440 R.P.M. 7.5 H.P. /1440 R.P.M.
Control wheel Motor 0.25 H.P./1440 R.P.M 0.25 /1440 R.P.M. 1 H.P./1440 With VFD Control and digital RPM read out
Minimum included angle for taper work (without using forming attachment) 5 deg. 5 deg. 5 deg.
Grinding wheel spindle bearing White metal bush bearing/ Tapper Roller bearing/ Cartridge Spindle White metal bush bearing/ Tapper Roller bearing/ Cartridge Spindle White metal bush bearing/ Tapper Roller
Control wheel Spindle bearing Bronze Metal Bush Bearing/ Taper Roller Bearing/ Cartridge Spindle Bronze Metal Bush Bearing/ Taper Roller Bearing/Cartridge Spindle Bronze Metal Bush Bearing/Precision Bearing cartridge Spindle / Taper Roller Bearing
Grinding & Control wheel Spindle lubrication. splash splash Pump with tank and oil safety features
Coolant pump motor 0.15 H.P. 0.15 H.P. 0.15 H.P.
Floor space for machine 19" x 26" 21" x 36" 30" x 52"
Approximate weight 400 Kgs. 800 Kgs. 1400 Kgs.
Standard Accessories Motor, Pulley, Water Tank, Pump, Ele. Fittings, Vee Belt, Grinding Wheel, Diamond Tools, Control Wheel, Dressing attachment, Base for work plates
Extra Accessories / Optional
Extra Work Plates.
Additional wheel Flange
Grinding wheel balancing arbor & balancing stand.
Cartridge spindle / Hydrodynamic or filmatic bearing spindle
Dressing Manual /Hydraulic Operated
Hand pump lubrication
variable speed Control AC drive in work head with digital read out
Hydraulic cam operated auto plunge grinding
CNC One axis Ball screw and servo operated plunge Grinding
CNC Two Axis PLC and servo operated compensate dressing type
Auto Loading / Unloading/ Feeder/ Vibrator / Job injector
Form grinding attachment & Dressing
Micro feeding attachment
D.R.O. Scale
Coolant Filter System Magnetic Separator / Paper Band filter/ paper band filter cum magnetic separator

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