Laxman Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

High Performance Compact & Economical

Model BLM hs 1 Bandsaw

Technical Specification

Round MM 175 200 300 350
Square MM 150 X 150 175 X 175 250 X 250 300 X 300
Rectangular MM 200 X 140 200 X 140 350 X 150 400 X 150
Drive Motor 0.5 H.P., 1440 RPM 1.0 H.P., 1440 RPM 1.5 H.P., 1440 RPM 2/1.5 H.P., 1440 RPM
Coolant Pump 0.15 H.P., 440 Voltsr 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts
Blade Speed Meter/Minute 25,30,40 20,35,55,75 20,35,55,75 20,35,55,75
Saw blade-carbon or bi-metal MM 2540 x 20 x 0.9 3000 x 27 x 0.9 3760 x 27 x 0.9 4100 x 34 x 1.1
Guide pulley MM 340 400 496 496
Floor space L x W x H MM 1500 x 570 x 870 1630 x 570 x 870 2400 x 830 x 1050 2550 x 830 x 1050
Net weight KG 272 322 450 520
Packed weight KG 381 Approx 431 Approx 540 Approx 610 Approx
Standard Accessories saw blade motor, coolant pump, Push Button, Switchgear with electric fittings, Chip removing tray, chip removing brush, Pully , V- Belt, short bar support, Job stopper, One bi metal blade, Gearbox Oil , Cylinder Oil etc.
Optional/ Extra Accessories
Universal Vice for angular degree cutting
Single Phase Saw Motor, Pump, Contector
Variable speed A/c Drive For blade saw
Wood Box Packing

Special Features

  • Less power consumption compared to Hacksaw.
  • Continuous cutting by means of circular endless blade.
  • Smoother and faster cutting compared to Hacksaw.
  • Easy and precise gravity manual feed control.
  • Makes optimum use of the blade due to rewelding of blade.
  • Special swing cut operation to cut larger section.
  • Efficient self centering vice.
  • Optional swivel vice for 30o/45o/60o angular cutting.
  • Special designed heavy duty gear box
  • Blade guide made of bearing & carbide tips
  • Less material wastage due to lesser blade thickness.
  • Good parallelism compared to hacksaw machine.

Useful for cutting metal pieces, Laxman metal cutting Horizontal band saw is designed to work at three 0r four or veriable different speed. Which makes this versatile machine ideally suitable for most workshop and tool rooms. Also the most economical of its kind available in India today.

A Versatile Machine

The wide range of material commonly used can be cut by employing its slow speed for hard steels & S.S type material, medium speed For structural and machine steels and high speed for cutting thinner and softer materials like brass and aluminum at faster rates.

Model BLM 1 Band Saw

With Smoother Cutting Action

The entire saw frame can be easily raised by hand, locked a ay required height (depending on the size of the job) by means of lever near the material-holding vise handle. When the lever is released, the saw frame and the revolving saw blade come sown smoothly on the metal. This smooth action is achieved hydraulically by controlling the flow of oil passing through a oil control valve. The arrangement effectively eliminates any possible damage to the teeth blade due to a sudden drop.

Efficient Clamping and a Swivel vice,

The two vice-jaws are both fixed on a single long screw, half of on a single long screw which has left hand thread and other half has right hand threads. Thus turning of the screw by means of the long handle provided brings the jaws together vice as fast as when one jaw is fixed to the machine body.

A bar stop (which may be swivel vice when not required) is useful as a built-in gauge for cutting off a number of pieces of equal lengths. And using a swivel vice (which when ordered with the machine is supplied at no extra cost) material may be cut at any angle up to 45˚, thus adding to the versatility of the machine.

Two easily adjustable arms with carbide tipped guides with upper and side bearing support at their ends can be locked close to the jaws, keep the saw blade aligned on the job for an accurate, smooth and controlled vertical cut with a minimum of wear on the blade.

Is use a Worm Gear Drive.

The machine is driven by a robust motor using a belt a step cone –pulley arrangement to give the tree or four cutting speeds .A case-hardened worm, mounted on the same shaft as the driven cone-pulley, actuate a worm wheel (both run in an oil bath to reduce wear to minimum) thus reducing the speed of the driving saw pulley mounted over latter. An endless saw blade passes over this pulley and the driven saw pulley is easily tightened in front of the frame. The same nut is loosened for removing the blade, which is a simple and quick operation.

Feed Control is Precies and Easy.

The downward feed of the blade and the pressure on the material are the conveniently controlled by a Nut which can be suitably adjusted for cutting both large and solid bars (where greater pressure is required) as well as smaller job and hollow thin-walled tubes (needing low cutting pressures) This pressure of cutis clearly read by an indicator on a straight graduated scale fixed on the side of the machine.

Model BLM hs 3 BandSaw

And Cutting more Efficient in time and Blades

To relieve the load on the blade, an ingenious SWING-CUT arrangement is designed in to the laxman bandsaw. By means of a simple lever control, the complete saw frame can be given a see-saw swinging movement so that the saw blade cuts the metal in small convex arcs instead of a straight line cutting. The swing-cut design gives a tremendous advantage whilst cutting big sections and hard metals. (For cutting thin section and softer materials, the conventional straight motion is generally sufficient.) It eliminates the need for frequent changing of the blade and cutting pressure while cutting materials of different hardness and sections, at the same time cuts with a high efficiency.

And then There's Safety

At the end to the cutting operation, the saw frame comes down on an automatic stop arrangement which instantly cuts off the supply to the main motor. Thus prevents any possible accidental breakage or loss of power.

A separate 0.15 H.P. motor is provided for the coolant pump, to deliver the coolant from the tank underneath onto the saw blade which, with the frictional heat, might otherwise distort of even break through this motor is electrically geared with the main motor to start simultaneously, it can be cut off by an independent switch on its body if the coolant is not required.

A chip tray provided under the frame collects all the chips and cuttings, allowing easy cleaning.

Wire bush assembly provided for dropdown the chips of blade, To get high efficiency of the blade.

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