Laxman NC Fully Automatic Horizontal Hinge Type Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

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Model NC Auto BLM hs1 Fully automatic band saw

Technical Specification

Model Auto BLM HS1 Auto BLM HS2 Auto BLM HS3
Round MM 200 300 350
Square MM 175 X 175 250 X 250 300 X 300
Rectangular MM 200 X 140 350 X 140 400 X 150
Shuttle Vice Stock MM 200 300 300
Servo Motor 750W 750W with Gear Box 750W with Gear Box
Saw Drive Motor 1 HP, 1440 RPM IE2 Motor 1.5 HP/2HP 1440 RPM IE2 Motor 2 HP/1.5HP 1440 RPM IE2 Motor
Hydraulic Motor 1 HP, 1440 RPM IE2 Motor 1 HP, 1440 RPM IE2 Motor 1 HP, 1440 RPM IE2 Motor
Coolant Pump 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts 0.15 H.P., 440 Volts
Blade Speed Meter/Minute 20,35,55,75 20,35,55,75 20,35,55,75
Saw blade-bi-metal MM 3000 x 27 x 0.9mm 3760 x 27 x 0.9mm 4100 x 34 x 1.1mm
Floor space L x W x H MM 1630 x 900 x 1070 mm 2400 x 1150 x 1250 mm 2550 x 1150 x 1250 mm
Net weight KG 560 750 820
Standard Accessories saw blade motor, coolant pump, Hydraulic Motor, Servo Motor, Hydraulic Tank without oil, Hy. Solenoid Valve, Hy. Pump, Push Button, HMI, PLC, Proxy, Switchgear with electric fittings, , Chip removing tray, chip removing brush, Pully , V- Belt, short bar support, Vice harden Plate, One bi metal blade, Gearbox Oil, etc.
Extra Accessories/ Optional
Variable speed A/c Drive For blade saw
Bar Feeding Stand
Wood Box Packing


  • Job counter/ Reset available / Actual counting / Digital Length setting/ Auto shut down as per counter/Automatic lubrication system/Automatic multi stock and length adjustment/Empty vice detection system
  • Automatic Machine cycle & saw motor “OFF”, in case of Blade Breakage or slippage. Blade size 3000L x0.9T x27W mm Blade tension manual hand operated
  • Mounted Electrical Control Panel with PLC to easy maintenance, operating and handling.
  • Stepper Motor & Ball screw nut operated shuttle Vice For job feeding, Shuttle Vice Max 200mm stock length , automatic Multi stock possible, Vice harden plate available
  • Mounted Hydraulic Tank , Hydraulic Operated Vice clamp and decamp & Ram Up and down Movement
  • Mounted Electrical Control Panel easy maintenance, operating and handling
  • Job length, JobCounter/ blade safety timer/Vice opening timer setting, Automatic Lubrication setting possible directly from switch board Plc screen
  • with electric fittings Chip removing tray, chip removing brush, One bi metal blade.

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